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Local Charity Support

Let's do it together.

Non-For-Profit, NGO's and Registered Charities Support

LocalPrana Charitable Sponsorship

As part of our mission to empower an evolution of consciousness and provide local community support, we engage with registered charity organizations that support sustainable living, promote health and well-being for all living beings, and align with our goals to benefit humanity.

You Advertise Your Business, We Donate

We donate 10% of all our proceeds to these organizations, so for every dollar you spend on our network via advertising or paid listing subscription, they’ll get a percentage.

Have a local organization or cause that you'd like us to support?

If there’s an organization or cause currently not supported by our network, you may request us to contact them by completing the organization request form.

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Did you know that 10% of our proceeds goes to a charitable organization in your city?

When you signup for any paid plan (Mindfulness or Awakening) we distribute a donation of 10% to several charities in your community.

Request for Charity Organization Support

Please complete the application form with as much information as possible.