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Alain de Bavelaere, Naturopathe et Homéopathe


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Our mission
In ancient China, the therapist was paid as long as his protégé was in good health. Nowadays however, people consult when the disease is already declared. As in ancient China, our approach at Westphal Institute is to promote structures which bring coherence and resilience, regardless of the individual’s state of health. We do not treat diseases, we stimulate the physical, emotional and mental coherence of the individual. We assess resilience mainly through various computerized assessments as well as an in-depth questionnaire during your first appointment.

Coherence is a state of synchronization between your heart, your brain and your vagus nerve. This coherence has been scientifically proven to bring many mental, emotional and physical benefits. The Coherence is not a simple state of relaxation but rather a simultaneous state of relaxation, preparation and revitalization. Our approach is the result of 40 years of practice, observation and experience. A regular visit with us will allow you to take stock of your position at these levels and better understand what is compatible with your overall balance and what is not.

Experience and Professionalism
All these years of experience allow us to offer you a comprehensive global assessment as well as a personalized approach and plan. We understand the importance of informing you about the most effective ways to take care of yourself, so that coherence and resilience are part of your life.

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