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Kerry Walker, Homeopathy Toronto


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Homeopathy : Better Health for Everyone

Welcome, like many people, you may be looking for an alternative in health care, and you want to be more proactive about your health and about feeling good. Homeopathy is a truly wonderful system of medicine that brings together the best of holistic medicine and orthodox science. It is one of the most-used forms of medicine in the world, and arguably the fastest growing. Depending on which estimate you believe, 300-500 million patients worldwide use it.  It is the fastest growing medical system in the world today, favoured for its efficacy, and lack of toxicity or side-effects.


Since the focus is on raising immunity, vitality and stimulating the body to heal itself, we can apply homeopathy in acute situations like injuries and infections, but also in chronic conditions like anxiety, depressionarthritis, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  Even people with seemingly stubborn disorders like schizophrenia and autism benefit from the prescription of a well-chosen remedy.  Homeopathy applies to mental and emotional complaints just as well as the physical and can raise the quality of life in every condition.

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