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Raising Energy


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Compassion, empowerment, connection, loving fun. This is what psychic, intuitive and spirit readings will bring to you and your family.


We all have questions…


…Being able to connect to our higher selves, loved ones, spirits, angels and any of those who come from the light helps us to know we are not alone. There is guidance for us. Through this guidance, we can find closure,  and enrich our lives and the lives around us.




…is a psychic who speaks with and connects deeply with sprits. Her journey is to help you get a deeper understanding of yourself, your life and situations you may be going through by connecting to the unseen.




…are there for us to know. There are no secrets in the universe, all we need is the courage to ask the questions. Most people will come in and find that they leave with a far richer experience than anticipated. Many will find that the answers they get are deeper, more meaningful, healing and empowering. Sessions become more than simply finding out what is coming in their future.  They move lives forward in ways that will surprise. 

What Does Angel Offer?

Angel will connect to spirits of loved ones who have crossed, animals both living and passed,  guides, guardians and anyone of the light that wishes to come through.


Readings with Angel will bring closure, answers, empowerment and healing for both people and pets. Each session, whether At her Toronto or Newmarket office is comfortable, private and geared toward making clients feel relaxed and at ease. 

Angel also takes phone, Skype, Whatsapp, FaceTime and FB messenger appointments. They are as accurate

as in office readings and are offered to both local and international cliental who wish to read from the comfort of their own  home or accommodate life’s busy schedules.

Whether it is your first time sitting with a reader, or something that you do on a regular or yearly basis, readings with Angel will encourage a better understanding of any situation, give validation, confirmation and direction.

We try to make your booking experience simple by giving you the option of booking online with us, or emailing us for an appointment with Angel. We try to get our clients in as soon as possible to accommodate them and in some cases time sensitive situations. 

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