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Reiki Care Montreal

Reiki Karuna Master/Teacher Elena Oulianova

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– We start  with a small discussion of client’s goals for the session
(it is optional, ONLY if the client wants to share it).
It is very powerful and effective for the best results to set up the intention /positive affirmation for the session.
– The receiver lies down on a Reiki table, fully-clothed, in a relaxing atmosphere.
-The practitioner by laying on hands goes through Reiki movement sequence working on the physical body and the whole aura of the receiver.
Sessions can be done by keeping practitioner’s hands above receiver’s body.
-If needed, there will be work on specific areas and organs.
-Reiki will work on cleansing, rejuvenating and balancing receiver’s energy field, which allows the energy to flow fluently and nourish the receiver on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
– We will share our sensations at the end of our session. It is always a unique experience!
Depends on the goals, sometimes a special meditation will start our session.
For further information,
please contact me and I will talk to you gladly.

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