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Vivian Osal

Reiki Master/Trance Channeler/Past Life Regression/Akashic Records/Spiritual Counsellor

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I am Vivian Osal, Spiritual Teacher, Trance Channeler, and Intuitive Energy Healer. I am here to assist you to reconnect with your heart and experience the being of your pure energy essence. 

I will guide you to heal emotions, shift patterns, find clarity and peace, and tap into Universal Intelligence. I facilitate a healing space for you to advance your spiritual and emotional life. I am excited to mentor you on a conscious journey to connect with the Creator within.

Universal Intelligence is here to embrace you… you will learn who you are.

My Awakening….

In 2001, my whole life changed; I moved on from a relationship, moved into a new home, and decided to take a year off to find myself.

I was blessed to have many supportive people in my life, and they encouraged the many life changes I was making. I felt that it was ‘now or never’; it was time to start living the life I always dreamed of. When I look back at this period, I understand I was going through my spiritual awakening. It was during this time of deeper awareness I found my direct relationship with the Creator. Experiencing my direct contact with Source, led me to have a deeper connection to myself.

Every aspect of my life was changing! Even though the choices I made brought many positive life experiences, it also brought up old unresolved emotions. These unresolved feelings resulted in increased anxiety, rippling through different areas of my life. Four months after leaving my job, I experienced my first Reiki session at a bed and breakfast with a woman named Janice. During the session my body vibrated intensely, I had an out of body experience, I cried and laughed, felt powerful energy surging through my whole body and ‘saw’ the most incredible colours. While this was all happening, I was in a suspended state – free of time and space. Towards the end of the session, I received a message, “You are to be the one on the other side of the table.” I understood this as guidance for my life path; I had found my purpose. Needless to say, it was a profoundly exceptional event that shifted my life forever.

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