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Have you ever felt detached (or floating away) from your body while you were asleep? If yes, then you may have undergone an astral projection that caused your subtle body (or soul) to travel out.

This occurrence is called an out of body experience. Out of body experiences (OBE for short) takes you beyond the physical plane to extraordinary realms that are otherwise unavailable to us by our physical body. Even more impressive, OBE allows us to travel out of our physical bodies to other parts of the world or even into other divine planes.
In a presentation by Nanci Trivellato on TEDx Talks, she talked about an out of body experience she had while she was younger. In her sleep, she had an out of body experience that led her to her uncle’s hospital room. He was undergoing bladder surgery. The funny thing is that; she was never told anyone about the surgery.

Let’s talk more about astral projection and the out of body experience.

practicing astral projection
The subtle body leaves the physical one.

Astral projection and the Out of Body Experience (OBE)

There is a long-lasting belief that there is a lot more to the universe than what goes on in the physical plane- what we can see and experience with our physical body. There are many other planes, namely, the Mental Plane, the Buddhic plane, the Divine plane, the Spiritual plane, the Logoic plane, and the Astral plane. Our physical human bodies restrict us from these planes of existence. However, astral projection separates our subtle body from the physical body, allowing us to journey into these planes to experience divine planes.
Astral projection is the term used to describe situations where you feel separated from your sleeping body and observe your body from a third-person perspective. We experience an inner kind of consciousness that comes alive when we are asleep or consciousness. Dreaming- lucid and non-lucid- and astral projection occurs as a result of this consciousness.
While dreams take place in your subconscious mind as you sleep, astral projection involves your subtle body (or soul) travelling out of your body to explore other parts of the world or other planes of existence.
Out of body experiences can be involuntary or intentional. It happens in different ways to different people. Some people can experience it under sleep, trauma, illness, and water or food deprivation. Others can learn how to induce astral projection to have an out of body experience. There are documented reports of people who found themselves floating during near-death events- perhaps observing the medical staff as they tried to revive them.
Many people experience OBE while asleep without knowing it. A greater majority forget about it as soon as they wake.

Is Astral projection scientifically proven?

Out of body experience has been long practiced by the Egyptians and the Tibetans. Their cultures support astral projection with numerous theories about separating the subtle body from the physical one. This way, they can converse and learn from cosmic beings. Not only that, the bible speaks of astral projection in the books of Corinthians (Corinthians 12:1-4) and Ezekiel.
Astral projection also enjoys scientific backing to a certain degree. A notable example is the study of Dr. Charles Tart, a psychology professor at the University of California in 1968; He worked with a woman who claimed to have the ability to leave her body anytime she wished. In this study, he wrote a number on paper and concealed the details in an envelope. Then, he instructed the woman to find out the details through astral projection. She succeeded, gave them the exact number-much to their surprise.
The CIA also conducted some tests on astral projection to check whether it could be harnessed.
Despite all of these convincing results, it is still regarded as pseudoscience by some. It would be best to experience it by yourself, so you would know how it works.

living a better life with astral projection
The subtle body travels to other planes.

How to have an out of body experience

Perhaps you are trying to have an out of body experience, then you should read through this section. There are many techniques used by many people to enter the astral plane. Inducing an OBE experience requires you to enter into a half-sleep position. For this reason, hypnosis and meditation are commonly used to keep the mind awake while the body falls asleep.
Afterward, deepen the state by prioritizing mental sensation over physical sensation. You may use specially created binaural beats developed for the sole purpose of encouraging your subtle body to leave your physical one. While this happens, you may feel an increased heart rate, vibrations, weird noises, and the inability to move.
Then try to feel the vibration throughout your whole body. Do not fight it; instead, relax into the vibrating feel. This works to pull the subtle body of your physical body. Focus your thoughts on leaving your body.
Before embarking on this trip, it may be necessary to learn about moving around in the astral plane and communicating with any divine being you meet. An astral plane is an exciting place; you can fly, jump, leap, and do things you cannot ordinarily in the physical plane.
Have fun!

Benefits of Out of body experience and Astral projection

Out of body experience and Astral projection has a lot of potential benefits and uses for us. We can learn from divine beings to get an idea of what the future brings. Not only that, we gain a piece of in-depth knowledge about what goes on beyond the physical realm. This gives us a sense of completion and a feeling of bliss that comes with knowing we have a place in the grand scheme of things in the universe.

Other benefits of OBE are;

Healing effects

Astral projection provides soothing effects on our mental health. It cures the mind of anxiety, fear, and stress, which may hurt human health. Besides, astral projection helps to boost self-confidence and overall quality of life. The body also benefits experiences deep healing during an OBE.

A treasure trove of information

Practicing Astral projection provides you with access to the hidden knowledge and information in the other planes of existence. Your astral body can enter the astral planes to recover data. A notable example is the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records is an extensive library containing all information from the beginning of time. It exists in the spiritual plane, which can only be visited from astral projection and an out of body experience.

Other uses

You can undergo an OBE to get a break from real life. Astral projections provide a means to remove yourself from the physical world’s struggles and give your body the much-needed rest. Think of it as a vacation in the astral plane.
You can also utilize the astral plane for practical reasons like practicing a skill, reading and memorizing text. For instance, a sportsperson can train through an OBE experience; the attained skills get saved in the subconscious, and you can access them through muscle memory. In the same vein, you can also read in preparation for tests through astral projection. This way, your body gets the much-needed rest, and your mind does the work.

OBE and Astral projections have many more benefits and can prove to be of great importance to our lives.





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