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Jasmine Voyante de Montréal

Psychic Voyance

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* White Magic Spells *

I offer you my services to perform white magic spells rituals. I have over 20 years experience as a white magic practitionner. My white magic spells are a mixture or prayers, meditation, chakra and reiki specially designed to your specific problem. I also work with angels and fairies to obtain wishes on your behalf.

* I am currently offering 7 different spells *

Please note that i don’t do any black magic.


Love Spell to Bring Back a Love Partner

Love spell to bring back the man or the woman that you love. If the person that you love has left you for whatever reason, this love spell will bring back this person into your life. Your love relationship will be renewed and stronger than ever.

Spell to Attract Luck, Money, and Success

Magic spell to bring luck with money and to increase your financial income. If you have financial problems, or if you don’t have any luck, this magic spell will bring you luck and success and will bring money into your life.

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