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How many lives have you lived? This question might be a little confusing to answer since very few people believe and understand the concept of reincarnation. However, it is a popular topic among many cultures and religions. They speak about reincarnation and even have many interesting beliefs about it. It is a significant component of Egyptian culture, Hindu, and Buddhism. Learning about our past lives can help us to discover ourselves to live a more fulfilling life. But how do we do this? That brings me to my point – Past life regression.

Past life regression provides an avenue for us to revisit our past lives, learn hidden details about ourselves, and use this information to enjoy a more satisfying life.

Reincarnation: what does it mean?

The word “Reincarnation” is formed from a Latin word, meaning” entering the flesh again.”

In many cultures and religions, death is not the end; we continue to exist after death. Some of us get to live again.
There may be a little variation in how different religions and traditions address the concept of reincarnation, but the subject matter remains the same. We get to live many times, growing in the process, learning new lessons with the end goal of becoming a better person.
The reincarnated person gets a new body but retains the same spirit. The spirit also keeps all the memories, knowledge, records, and lessons. However, this information remains locked up in the subconscious because the new body does not need it. The reincarnated person gets to live through life and acquire new memories and experiences.

However, there are times in which this stored information about our past lives can hurt us. They may reverberate negatively into our actual life, treating phobias, relationship problems, and even physical reactions.
When this happens, it becomes necessary to look deeply into the deepest parts of the mind to solve underlying issues caused by memories that have been archived into the spirit. Past life regression is an efficient way to do this.

Past life regression eliminates the effect of harmful memories
Same spirit, but different bodies through different lifetimes.

Past life Regression

Past life regression is a therapy method that puts you in a relaxed meditative state, allowing you to remember essential memories of your past lives. You get to recall by -seeing, hearing, and feeling-important details about the past incarnation of your spirit.

Different psychologists use several techniques to perform past life regression therapy. Professionals like Brian Weiss and Edith Fiore use hypnosis to put the patient in a relaxed meditative state. Others like Morris Netherton and Roger Woolger argue that hypnosis is unnecessary; instead, the patient only needs to be put in a comfortable environment and remember everything that transpired during the therapy.

A famous example of past life regression therapy was shown on the Oprah Winfrey show. Leon Roberts went through past life regression therapy performed by Dr. Brian Weiss. During the session, he was able to recover essential details about his past lives. In one of his energies, he was a fighter providing air support during the war. Isn’t that interesting?

Past life regression gives you a look at important events that transpired in your former lives, which may significantly impact your spirit. Such events can cause trauma, phobia, and real-life problems.

How does it work?

The first step to efficiently solving any problem is first to discover the source of the problem. That is what past life regression therapy does. The patient undergoes a journey into the subconscious mind to unlock memories that have long been stored there.

At first, the patient gets put into a light trance to induce relaxation. Then the therapist begins to ask questions that take the patient into the origin of whatever problem he (or she) is having. Afterward, the patient starts to recall important events from the past life-just the way you remember details about your childhood but in a more detailed manner.
After the problem has been discovered, it becomes easier to solve it.

Past life regression helps us to recover important memories
Our spirit remains unchanged.

What Past Life regression therapy offers?

Through past life regression therapy, we can probe into our past lives to discover ourselves’ hidden truths. It also offers several other uses.

Reducing the effect of our past lives in our actual lives

All of our life events- both good and bad- get stored in our spirit. As a result, our past lives can affect us. Negative experiences from our past lives can affect the influence of our actual lives. We may be challenging to live our lives to the fullest with these underlying issues. The way a person dies may be stored in the subconscious mind. And If he {or she) dies under violent and traumatic circumstances, the effects may reverberate into the next life.

For instance, if a person dies by drowning, he may develop hydrophobia- the fear of water and swimming activities- in his next life. Or if he passes in a small tight place, he can begin to associate tight spaces with pain and panic. As a result, he may get claustrophobic in this next life.
Any event that elicits an adverse reaction in our past lives may cause a problem for us in our next life. However, it may not be work in the same way for everybody.

Some people can live free of the effects of their past lives. Past life regression therapy shines a light on what causes your phobias and your fears. Using this knowledge, you can overcome them and live a healthier life.

To cause a change in behaviours.

Negative experiences often scar us, and even if we forget such incidents, they may get stored in our subconscious mind. These experiences are saved in our spirit; they also become part and parcel of a reincarnated person. Certain events may trigger these memories, producing a negative impact on our behaviours.

These experiences may either leave us unaffected through our many lives or cause us to change our behaviour. For instance, if a person gets betrayed by someone he trusts in his past life, he may find it challenging to trust his next life. This is because his subconscious mind would associate trust as an unwanted feeling. As a result, he may end up with little or no friends and no relationships. Past life regression therapy provides an avenue to reach the source of this problem by showing that some behaviours- which are reactions due to specific experiences- are no longer necessary because they originated from a different time and place. This allows you to change your behaviour to a more positive one.

Treatment of health issues

Past life regression therapy can help treat all kinds of health issues such as addictions, chronic pains, headaches, panic attacks, insomnia, and habits. Besides, you can also solve all types of phobias and relationship problems with this therapy treatment. It should be noted that past life regression therapy is not recommended for people with certain health conditions and pregnant women.


Past life regression therapy can prove useful to recover hidden memories about your past lives. It gives you detailed insights into why you react the way you do in different situations. This helps you to solve underlying issues that can affect you.
However, it is recommended that this should be performed with an expert past life regression therapist’s help. They will be able to give you the tools and instructions on how to navigate the session safely. Past life regression therapy can give you the answers you’ve been searching for.

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